Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Introspective site inquiry, lead,timber and plumb-line on paper.2010

Working drawing/site situated on a mezzanine floor in a converted "Chapel of Rest" .

Spatial Collage, 2010

Spatial Collage, 2010 by Russell Moreton
Spatial Collage, 2010, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Lead,photographic ( pinhole) and inkjet visual material from flickr stream, fixing tapes, cyanotype on tracing paper,pierced and repositioned elements on paper.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Chapter Twelve :

Chapter Twelve : by Russell Moreton
Chapter Twelve :, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.


Now he would have to go forward. Both the past, represented by Riggs, and now the present contained within the demolished penthouse, no longer offered a viable existence. His commitment to the future, so far one of choice and plagued by so many doubts and hesitations, was now absolute.

JG Ballard, The Drowned World.


SPACE DSC_3799a by Russell Moreton
SPACE DSC_3799a, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Assemblage of cyanotype ( Space for Peace, Winchester Cathedral 2011) antique glass sheet, small piece of foam and palette of glass samples arranged in a geometric structure, photographed against marks on the studio wall from another event.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Blue-print and collage.

Research material.Figure and ground projections.

Research material.Transparency : Literal and Phenomenal.

The Garden : Diagram, template and observational record. #1

Site drawing from "a pathway between sunrise and sunset" staged at Kilquhanity, Scotland 2011. This research has led to notions of architectural "interventions" and " footprints" through the direct observational mapping of celestial alignments and movements as they permeate with the landscape.

Praxis. #2

Praxis. #2 by Russell Moreton
Praxis. #2, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Between Buildings : Collage/Assemblage #1

"We live our lives sunk in vast forgetting." Milan Kundera, IGNORANCE.

DSC_4709a Vacuity: Space and Surface.

“When Orpheus descends to Eurydice, art is the power that causes the night to open. Because of the power of art, the night welcomes him; it becomes the welcoming intimacy , the understanding and the harmony of the first night. But Orpheus has gone down to Eurydice: for him, Eurydice is the limit of what art can attain; concealed behind a name and covered by a veil. she is the profoundly dark point towards which art, desire, death, and the night all seem to lead. She is the instant in which the essence of the night approaches as the other night.”
— The Gaze of Orpheus: Maurice Blanchot.

Archaeology of Violence : Ceramic Remains 2012

Light Values UV

Light Values UV by Russell Moreton
Light Values UV, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Collage from Modernist interior (shower/treatment room) and working drawing from a leaded window, composition pierced with diagrams of chance.