Monday, 24 March 2014

Pastoral Space: Material, Inquiry and Craft.#5

Material Agency : Carl Knappett, Lambros Malafouris
Visualising Environmental Agency

"Agents are defined as persons or things, which have the ability and intention to "cause" something "in the vicinity" or "in the mileau" to happen ( Gell 1998)"
"These latter artefacts are described with the term "index", to remove the appellation "art" and to imply that they are indexes of agency."
Some Stimulating Solutions, Andrew Cochrane.

Template and Form 2010.The Yard,Winchester.

Drawing,Footprint and Pavilion. #8

Blue-print and collage.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Collage, Diversions, Contradictions and anomalies

Collage : Assembling Contemporary Art.
Collage, Diversions, Contradictions and anomalies, Sally O'Riley
Black Dog Publishing.

Objects and Traces : Visual Archaeology

Maps and Masks : Overhead Projection

In the "process" : Working in the Granary.

Russell Moreton
Spatial Practices MA, UCA Canterbury.
Visual artist who currently uses simple descriptive gestures and processes drawn directly from the human body. His practice continues to explore issues around "Spatiality" and the "Postmodern Human Condition". The use of site specificity and materials "at hand" are employed to further underpin the practitioners sense of place, memory and dwelling. His descriptive working narratives are in effect physical working ideas, spatial entanglements between the relations of life and art.

Installation and Working Sites
Architectural Glass and Ceramics
Liquid Light and Pinhole Photography