Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Occupied Cathedral : Mapping on linen paper.

Memories as "brief as photos" John Berger, And Our Faces,My Heart, Brief as Photos,

Split-View Interior.

Split-View Interior. by Russell Moreton
Split-View Interior., a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Pure Presence : Ethics/Aesthetics/Politics, Jane Bennett

Text Extract/Inclusion. "Pure Presence"

The enchantment of modern life: attachments, crossings, and ethics : Jane Bennett 2001.

It is a commonplace that the modern world cannot be experienced as enchanted--that the very concept of enchantment belongs to past ages of superstition. Jane Bennett challenges that view. She seeks to rehabilitate enchantment, showing not only how it is still possible to experience genuine wonder, but how such experience is crucial to motivating ethical behavior. A creative blend of political theory, philosophy, and literary studies, this book is a powerful and innovative contribution to an emerging interdisciplinary conversation about the deep connections between ethics, aesthetics, and politics.

Pinhole Process/The Library : Paper for Drawing #7

Preliminary light soundings amongst the books.


Winchester Discovery Centre and Library.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Peter Zumthor : Atmospheres (Architectural Environments and Surrounding Objects) 2012.

Three Colours Blue : Krzysztof Kieslowski 1993

Between Composure and Seduction 40/41

Blue Cell : Square Window.

Cartography : In Process (Drawing, Diagram,Photography and Mapping)

"Spatial turn" The increased attention to matters of space, place and mapping in literary and cultural studies, as well as in social theory, philosophy, and other disciplinary fields.

Spatiality, Robert T. Tally Jr. Routledge 2013.

The Architecture of Continuity : Lars Spuybroek ( Essays and Conversations) 2008.

The use of Light : Robert Lepage

Movements and Archaeology : Traces and Piercings.

Cyanotype photogram from Winchester Cathedral with pinholes.

Drawing from the body, 2010 Pencil,cyanotype and ink on paper with astronomical data.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cyanotype : Artist's Book, Paul Soldner pot with astronomical data.

Body/Identity/Landscape : Chart, Stones and Twine. #2

Gridshell Interior : Working Spaces.

PC290023 Autonomy of the Weather : Filmic Components 2009

Reclamation Site #1

Reclamation Site #1 by Russell Moreton
Reclamation Site #1, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Text/Tent/Texture #2

Text/Tent/Texture #2 by Russell Moreton
Text/Tent/Texture #2, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Aerial Composition (movements inside the Cathedral) : Cyanotype and Sunlight.

Clay work #1

Clay work #1 by Russell Moreton
Clay work #1, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.


Gridshell by Russell Moreton
Gridshell, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.