Sensorium : A Partial Taxonomy, Caroline A. Jones.

Contemporary artists aim to produce specific relations with the technologies they adopt and adapt;
This schematic offers a partial taxonomy.
Caroline A. Jones, Sensorium : Embodied Experience, Technology and Contemporary Art 2006

the "cave" paradigm, the virtual helmet, the black-box video, the earphone set

taking technology and "making it strange," exaggerating attributes to provoke shock, using technologies to switch senses or induce disorientation

work that repurposes  or remakes devices to enhance their insidious or wondrous properties; available data translated into sensible systems

work that holds on to an earlier technology, repurposes or even fetishizes an abandoned one

work that refuses to use marketed technologies for their stated purpose; work that pushes viewers to reject technologies or subvert them

work that takes up technologies and extends or applies them for creative purposes, producing new subjects for the technologies in question