Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Drawing as a structural component #1

Material Odyssey, ideas around space and structure.

Plan Chest: part of "The Two Yard's Exhibition" Winchester 2011.

Plan Chest, blueprinted places with book.Plan Chest, working surface.Working adjacent to the library.Plan Chest, bottom drawer.Plan Chest, bottom drawer ( detail).Plan Chest, pierced photogram blueprint.
Plan Chest, collage with cloth and performative stills.Plan Chest, assemblage within a drawer.Plan Chest, opening other drawers.Plan Chest, the laboratory of learning.Plan Chest, text and image.Plan Chest, text,mapping and material.
Plan Chest, drawer front.Plan Chest, pierced garden plan with journal.Plan Chest, drawing folded with documentation.Plan Chest, blueprints from a Cathedral."Harnessing the ephemeral" part of anachronistic practices. Plan Chest component of anachronistic practices. #1
Plan Chest component of anachronistic practices. #2

Working space with portfolio of research material and art work on public view adjacent to Winchester library.

Outline with Materials.

Painting containing the traces of a human form together with material gathered from a Jurassic coastline.

The pathos of things,frozen/transparent for 10 years (A Fearful Symmetry, Blake )

A Vacuity of Presence.

Building Materials.Document on the building of an inquiry. #2

Abstract: Building Collage (Autopoiesis)

Abstract: "half light stillness"

"the enchantment of the half made"

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Potters wheel

Potters wheel by Russell Moreton
Potters wheel, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Pastoral Light.

Solitude/Silence/Clay/Reflective Spaces

The Laboratory , Canterbury 2009

Pinhole photograph used as a negative to produce a cyanotype print.Image includes a photogram of sound recording equipment that was set-up inside the camera.