Thursday, 29 November 2012

Working Title : Interior Plan and Pages #2.

Postcard (365) Olympus Voice Recorder/ Silence of Space Series.

Documentary Image : Installation, Canterbury 2009.

Leylines Installation : Layered Drawings #1

Spatial Drawings on Paper and Glass. #4

View from the hut : Tidbury Postcard 1.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Durations and movements from a garden : Pinhole Photography.

Russell Moreton

Russell Moreton

Hyde Abbey Gate House and Chamber : Creative Praxis.

Being Present : Liminal Zones.Architectural Drawing : Glass on Paper.Translucency and Substance : Archaeology of Vertical Surfaces. Hessian and Shadows : Protected Surfaces.

Abstract : Sky with landscape.

DSC_4709a Vacuity: Space and Surface.

“When Orpheus descends to Eurydice, art is the power that causes the night to open. Because of the power of art, the night welcomes him; it becomes the welcoming intimacy , the understanding and the harmony of the first night. But Orpheus has gone down to Eurydice: for him, Eurydice is the limit of what art can attain; concealed behind a name and covered by a veil. she is the profoundly dark point towards which art, desire, death, and the night all seem to lead. She is the instant in which the essence of the night approaches as the other night.”
— The Gaze of Orpheus: Maurice Blanchot.

Terrestrial Motion : Diagram with Drawing.