Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Situation/Architecture : Energy/Clay. Joseph Beuys, Tate Modern 2013. #1

Joseph Beuys : Table with Accumulator 1958-85

In this work, an accumulator – a kind of rechargeable battery in which energy can be stored - is attached by wires to two pieces of clay, as if drawing power from the earth itself. For Beuys, the production and storage of energy was a metaphor for the creative and spiritual energy that he wanted to foster both in the individual viewer and in society as a whole. This was one of the works that Beuys included in the 1982 Zeitgeist exhibition, accompanying the various elements of Lightning with Stag in its Glare.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lead and Glass 2 : Walking Drawing.

Leylines : Artist's Book 2012

St Catherine's Hill, Winchester.
Silver gelatin print.

Artist’s Book: white and coloured pages, card covers with cyanotype of Winchester Cathedral.

A hand bound book comprising of five signatures each with four folios. This book contains a collection of postcards made from contact prints and photograms from Tidbury Ring using the cyanotype process. Other pages contain some cyanotype paintings/abstracts around the theme of dwelling and hut. Silver gelatine images of St Catherine’s Hill are present as are some experimental pinhole photography.

Anthropomorphic Geography on Warm Ground

Geodesic Drawings : Observatory #2

Geodesic Drawings : Observatory #2 by Russell Moreton

Core, Periphery and Semiperiphery : Spatial Drawings #4

Hidden Curriculum #2

Hidden Curriculum #2 by Russell Moreton
Hidden Curriculum #2, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Lines of inquiry, spaces for exploration #2

Time as a structure and an event #1

Pinhole photograph from experimental session of spatial practices held at "10 Days at The Laundry,Winchester"

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Monday, 21 October 2013

Excavated Landscapes : Morn Hill #2

Interior Architecture : Literature and the Visual.

Text fragment.

The Child in Time, Ian McEwan. 1987

MizMaze 2

MizMaze 2 by Russell Moreton
MizMaze 2, a photo by Russell Moreton on Flickr.

Leylines Installation : Mapping Tool #3

“Leylines” has been appropriated and employed as both a practical and as a conceptual strategy to inquiry into places and localities. Site visits and sensitive dialogues with the other artists at a number of locations have further brought materials and processes into the creative realm. The spatial practice of setting-up this work has also produced insightful local knowledge from those dwelling nearby.

Beams and Netting: Negotiations in the chamber.

Clay, Hessian, drawings and transparencies from architectural openings, drawing frame, antique glass, lead and nylon lines.

This intervention into a listed building has become a temporary refuge for a work in progress. The work attempts to show a creative agency as it encounters a host of installed hierarchies and conditions. The architectural motif on the drawings has been derived directly from the open apertures of the chamber, and these drawings also reference the supportive ironwork (Ferramenta) which has been playfully re-registered as a graphic leyline . A drawing frame similar to that used in archaeology for drawing has been adapted to illustrate the relative positions of the leyline as registered by the ordnance survey grid, both terminuses being labelled on the frames periphery.

Interior Spaces of an Exhibition : #3

The Mirrored Abbey : Dormitory

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Reverberations from excavated land #3

Humanity : An Emotional History
Stuart Walton. 2004


Surface View : Photographic Drawing.

Cyanotype and drawing for architectural glass.

Cognitive/Imaginative Mappings within The Drowned World, JG Ballard.

The Architecture of Emergence: The Evolution of Form in Nature and Civilisation
Michael Weinstock

Auguries into the maternal body. Un-fired clay and silica sand.. 2011

Constructed in-situ at the Yard,Winchester. A life-size record and memory of a human presence as a site for mutual introspection.

Inspired in part from the novel ” The Children of Men ” by P D James.

Postcard/Star Atlas : Cyanotype (used as index for recorded disc)


A for Andromeda, BBC4 27.03.06 90 minutes

1973 Romantic Poets

Disc Full

Visual Resistivity : Site Grid #4

Constructing a field of inquiry : Artists Journal. #11

Reverberations from excavated land #5

Clay Form : Circular Segments

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Reverberations from excavated land #10

Interior Spaces of an Exhibition : #1

Spatial Convergence : Analogue/Digital #1

Ceramic Forms. 2011.Russell Moreton.

Installation in summer house.Wood fired hand built ceramic remains on calico.

Camera Obscura : Kilquhanity 2011. #4

Dark Session's : Shadowy speculations in the pottery. Kilquhanity 2011

Silver gelatin prints from a "room obscura" set up at Kilquhanity, Scotland 2011 as part of "Back to Free school, Drawing out the Archive".

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Contact Photography

Russell Moreton
Winchester Discovery Centre
09:00am Wednesday 02 Oct 2013 to Thursday 31 Oct 2013

Russell Moreton is a visual fine artist working with alternative and historic photographic processes. He uses pinhole cameras for inquiry into architectural space, these initial perspectives are further collaged and rendered through the Cyanotype process. He is currently working in the library spaces, and aims to produce a series of working ideas/blueprints for display.

Cost: Free
Venue: Winchester Discovery Centre
Telephone: 01962873603

Objects and Traces : Visual Archaeology