Monday, 6 January 2014

#2 Workplace Andover College 16.11.2010 (detail from wall collage)

Education Project Residency: Andover College. 2010
Russell Moreton

Andover College provided a dedicated workspace for Russell Moreton to develop his research and practice, sharing his time between the two sites.

Brief outline of initial thoughts and intentions...

"Setting up a Diversion for Creative Exchange.

Interested in grasping the opportunity at Andover College to further advance my postgraduate studies at Canterbury school of Architecture. The Spatial Practice course at Canterbury has opened-up theoretical methodologies into how we practice, perceive and interact with space. My own research project is centred on issues regarding registering working places. Creative investigation and research into this project has evolved through performative acts, drawings with apparatuses and critical theory.
The aim of this area of my research and practice was an attempt to how I might introduce an intervention into a place that will act as a physical baffle a “bookmark/sounding board” which might allow a “stalled site” to be created within the duration of place. This site will be relational to its placement but also annexed. It is hoped that this site, slightly annexed from its formal relations might render creative transdisplinary dialogues, as a gathering place out of the main flow of activities. This spatial device with its relational surfaces and volumes will attempt to harbour a tangible space, a forum of reference even in absence of its author/installer and custodian. It will grant a sense of hospitality, and a working space to those prepared to dwell.
The encountering material dialogue (stuff) of this diversion and its site will initially utilize my experience with contemporary drawing, its gestures and acts and this will be augmented by the malleable and transformative medium of clay. The contemporary issues regarding the use of clay and ceramics amongst contemporary practitioners will be researched, including the growing number of performance and site specific works. The implications and findings of this dialogue might be further transposed into the Architectural realm through surface and volumes amongst other materials and structures."

text by Russell Moreton

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