Monday, 6 January 2014

Leylines Installation : Mapping Tool #3

“Leylines” has been appropriated and employed as both a practical and as a conceptual strategy to inquiry into places and localities. Site visits and sensitive dialogues with the other artists at a number of locations have further brought materials and processes into the creative realm. The spatial practice of setting-up this work has also produced insightful local knowledge from those dwelling nearby.

Beams and Netting: Negotiations in the chamber.

Clay, Hessian, drawings and transparencies from architectural openings, drawing frame, antique glass, lead and nylon lines.

This intervention into a listed building has become a temporary refuge for a work in progress. The work attempts to show a creative agency as it encounters a host of installed hierarchies and conditions. The architectural motif on the drawings has been derived directly from the open apertures of the chamber, and these drawings also reference the supportive ironwork (Ferramenta) which has been playfully re-registered as a graphic leyline . A drawing frame similar to that used in archaeology for drawing has been adapted to illustrate the relative positions of the leyline as registered by the ordnance survey grid, both terminuses being labelled on the frames periphery.

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