Monday, 6 April 2020

Anthropological Entanglements : Strange Tools/The Rings of Saturn

Walking into Emergent Landscapes : Covehithe Beach
The OLD WAYS, a JOURNEY ON FOOT, Robert Macfarlane
“ Walking was a means of personal myth-making, but it also shaped his everyday longings:
 Edward Thomas not only thought on paths and of them, but also with them.”

“To Thomas, paths connected real places but they also led out-wards to metaphysics, backwards to history and inward to the self. These traverses- between the conceptual, the spectral and the personal-occur often without signage in his writing, and are among its most characteristic events. He imagined himself in topographical terms.”

DSC_0585 Covehithe : Walking/Thinking/Physical Entanglements in the Landscape

Natural History : Dried Carnations

Blueprints : Anthropological Forms
Botanical traces with leper graves

24 March 2018

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