Thursday, 11 January 2018

Temporal Perspectives : Urban Space and Place

Practices of Art, Architecture and the Everyday
edited by Alan Read

Thirdspace  : expanding the scope of the geographical imagination
Edward W. Soja

Space-time and the politics of location
Doreen Massey

Space and Place
The Perspective of Experience
Yi-Fu Tuan

Experiential Perspective
Space, Place, and the Child
Body, Personal Relations, and Spatial Values
Spaciousness and Crowding
Spatial Ability, Knowledge, and Place
Architectural Space and Awareness
Time in Experiential Space
Intimate Experiences of Place
Attachment to Homeland
Visibility : the Creation of Place
Time and Place

Doreen Massey

Living in Spatial Times

A Relational Politics of The Spatial
Making and Contesting time-spaces

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