Friday, 16 March 2018

Everyday Enchantments : Playing with Constructed Situations

Research Collage, Reading Rooms/Waverley Abbey

Cyanotype, blueprint  with notes/formulae/string on paper

Reading Rooms : Waverley Project

The Ruin/Paper Cups

Lead,photographic ( pinhole) and inkjet visual material from flickr stream, fixing tapes, cyanotype on tracing paper,pierced and re-positioned elements on paper.

Drawing on the snow, a field in Hampshire.
Enchantments between materials, snow and paper.

MAPPING : Ritual,fire and stone : Human Filament
Astronomical data with outline of human form,candles,string and stones on paper.150cm x 240cm

Working Practices
Installation and Working Sites
Architectural Glass and Ceramics
Liquid Light and Pinhole Photography

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