Friday, 26 February 2016

Lucio Fontana : Beyond The Picture

"There is no stage at which "man" does not demarcate, beacon or sign his space, leaving traces that are both symbolic and practical."

Lefebvre, The Production of Space, 

My art rests wholly on this purity, on this philosophy of nothingness, which is not a nothingness of destruction, but a nothingness of creation. And the cut, or properly, truly, the hole, the first holes, was not the destruction of the picture. The formless gesture … was precisely a dimension beyond the picture, the freedom to conceive art through any medium, through any form. —Lucio Fontana 
 The Italian artist born February 19, 1899 in Rosario, Argentina. 
Image: Lucio Fontana at his exhibition opening, Galerie Iris Clert, Paris, 1964, Photo by Shunk-Kender, © Fondazione Lucio Fontana