Friday, 20 October 2017

Mapping Relationships : Contexts and Locations #3

Collage and drawing with cyanotypes, photographs, negatives and painted surfaces.

The Laboratory , Canterbury 2009

Tim Ingold
Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture.

Practical Geometry
The Architect and The Carpenter
The Cathedral and The Laboratory
Templates and Geometry
The Return to Alchemy

Cyanotype image from pinhole camera with sound intervention/device within the apparatus of the camera, performative material gathered from the Canterbury School of Architecture.

UCA Spatial Practices MA under Oren Lieberman.

DSC_0876 : Figure/Field/Research

TRANSPARENT MEDIA : Form,structure, space, enchantment
Double Take
15 APR - 3 JUL 2016

A two-venue exhibition exploring the relationship between drawing and photography, taking place at Drawing Room and The Photographer’s Gallery, London.

Drawing and photography are each considered the most direct, ‘transparent’ media with which to engage with the world.  They share fascinating parallels:  the relationship to the indexical, the blank sheet of paper or surface, graphite and silver, pencil weight and aperture, the sense of an invisible ‘apparatus’ (the camera and pencil), the engagement with surface, light, negative and positive and the trace. Double Take seeks to explore the multifarious ways photography and drawing have been combined and mirrored to extend both practices into new arenas in modern and contemporary practices.

“… a freehand sketch diagram that was at the tangent between idea and imagination…if the parti – the first critical diagram – is not made well, it will be difficult for architecture to follow.  If there is no parti, there will be no architecture, only (at best) little more than the utility of construction.  Buried within their early sketches is the germ of a narrative or language.  The early diagrams are reflective conversations with the language of architecture.”

-  Alan Phillips, Brighton, UK

Marking Stick : Leylines, Directions and Sites. #11

Sequential Photograph : In the space around the "spatial turn" (539)
Art as Spatial Practice.
Space folds : Containing "Spatialities around historicality and sociality"

"All that is solid melts into air"

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels,
(Poetic observation concerning the constant revolutionizing of social conditions)

Perceptions now gathering at the end of the millennium. Spatiality, Robert T. Tally Jr. 2013

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