Monday, 13 February 2017

Working Spaces : Force Fields, sign and trace

Contents List from a folder in the Theatre of Research

 Unlike a Library the Theatre of Research is a working space that creates and crafts both theoretical and practical objects, things and documentation. Its reason for being is to explore the praxis for creative narratives between the Arts and The Humanities.

Chora Body and Building
Space as Membrane

Chora (Exhibition) 1999

Lessons of a dream. Karsten Harries

Concrete Blonde: Joanna Merwood
A probe into the negative spaces where mysteries are created.

Surrealist Paris : Dagmar Motycka Watson
The non-perspectival space of the lived city

Body and Building : George Dodds
Essays on the changing relation of body and architecture.

Sphere and Cross : Karsten Harries
Vitruvian refections on the Pantheon Type

Body and Building : Marcia f. Feuerstein
Inside the Bauhaus’s Darker Side

Desiring Landscapes/Landscapes of Desire. George Dodds

A Tradition of Architectural Figures: Marco Frascari

Interwining Metamorphoses : Germano Celant
On the work of Guiseppe Penone

Space as a Membrane : Siegried Ebeling

Sensorium : Embodied Experience, Technology, and Contemporary Art.