Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Geography of What Happens : Environment/Perception

The Perception of The Environment, Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill. Tim Ingold.
Archaeology, Anthropology, Art and Architecture.

“ We live amongst the specta of destructive mythologies, that have been narrowly racial, ethnic, denominational and egotistic, all culminating in the condition to exalt the self by demonising the other.”

“Eliot laid bare the sterility of contemporary life, The Waste Land where people live inauthentic lives”

A Short History of Myth, Karen Armstrong
The Ruins, a wasteland, fragments of a spiritual integration.

The Existential Value of Design

“Design as” Tools and Apparatuses for Spatial Practices/Deeper Social Ecologies (crafting and constructing new political genres)

The responsibility of “Design” in the development of an experimental rather than a representational approach to the social sciences, the arts and the humanities.

An Architectural Interior that through “Listening to, and working in the Landscape” can produce a creative reverie, manifested by materials and acts; and through innovation and creativity produce a deeper ecology for learning that is able to keep abreast of our technological genius.

The Geography of what happens, Space, Politics and Affect.


Paths and Thinking with them

The OLD WAYS, a JOURNEY ON FOOT, Robert Macfarlane
“ Walking was a means of personal myth-making, but it also shaped his everyday longings:
 Edward Thomas not only thought on paths and of them, but also with them.”

“To Thomas, paths connected real places but they also led out-wards to metaphysics, backwards to history and inward to the self. These traverses- between the conceptual, the spectral and the personal-occur often without signage in his writing, and are among its most characteristic events. He imagined himself in topographical terms.”

“Macfarlane has a rare physical intelligence, and his writing affords total immersion in place, elements and the passage of time” Antony Gormley

What do I know when I am in this place that I can know nowhere else?

What does this place know of me that I cannot know of myself?


The Deeper Significance of The Sensory World
Beauty, Roger Scruton

Walking into Emergent Landscapes : Covehithe Beach

Deeper Darkness, Photographic Memory/Process, Metonymy, Negative,
Analogue, Negated Nocturne. Walking, Others, Presence, Becoming,