Monday, 20 March 2017

Working Notes : Spatial Apparatuses, Building/Social Devices and Agendas

Events as Interventions producing Intraventions from Sociology, Architecture and the Humanities/Contemporary Arts.

Waverley Project : Areas of Project Research. 

The Reading Room (a library of subjective taxonomies on the alchemy of building)

The Listening Room (a soundscape interior in time with its environment)

The Sheltering Corridor (a modernist Stoa as a place for encounters/dialogues)

The Pot Room (a installation of thrown objects creating the interior partitions)

The Empty Studio (a adaptation of architecture through the ritual of creativity)

The Perception of The Environment, Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill
Tim Ingold.
Archaeology, Anthropology, Art and Architecture.

A building intervenes between subject and space.’ Kengo Kuma

Caruso St John : The Phenomenology of Construction  

As found is a small affair, it is about being careful, the as found (is) where the art is in the picking up, turning over and putting with. Things need to be ordinary and heroic at the same time.’ Alison and Peter Smithson

Public Intimacy in Social Spaces.

Architecture and The Contemporary Arts.

Learning through Making, (The Parallel of Life and Art) Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture.

Visitor’s Centre, with interpretive exhibition (Stonehenge/Denton Corker Marshall) or an immersive intervention (Winchester Cathedral,Anima-Animus/Elferova and Wilson).

A place where the interior space evokes a sense of place/a becoming (Existential, Historical, Social, Cultural) see ‘The Physical Self’ exhibition curated by Peter Greenaway. The Fate of Place/Human Sociology.

A contemplative space or spiritual/secular retreat featuring a series of interventions (Follies/Pavilions/Huts/Heidegger/Tschumi) that focuses the gaze on a particular view or detail, framing a distant reference (landmark or natural phenomenon, research into Lutyen’s ‘Thunder House’ for Gertrude Jekyll).

Museum of Wisdom. Kengo Kuma.

Noh Stage In The Forest. Kengo Kuma.

Hortus Conclusus. Peter Zumthor.

The Solar Pavilion. Alison and Peter Smithson.

The Secular Retreat, Living Architecture. Peter Zumthor.


Construct (Definition) DSC_0029
Ann Cline
A Hut of One's Own
Life Outside The Circle of Architecture.

Herzog  and De Meuron

Walking and Mapping
Speculative Environments/Ecolects

Spatial Collage/Assemblage : Yellow/Lead/Photography
Fragments and layers from, Winchester Cathedral, Tidbury Ring Geodesic Dome, Star Atlas.  

Brian Clarke. Beauties (from the two Cultures) 1981.
Brian Clarke. The Office of The Dead 2008. 

It was the region, not the nation, which was the motor force of human development; the almost sensual reciprocity between men and women and their surroundings, was the seat of comprehensible liberty and the mainspring of cultural evolution.
Cities of Tomorrow, Peter Hall.1988
Anarchism, A very short introduction, Colin Ward.2004

Foucault, Sexuality and the 'Confessing Animal' 

My photographs are part of my way of thinking about and imagining spaces and light, of pondering and approaching an idea. In this case, the photographs generate a way of looking at a structure that exists only in order to provoke a sensorial and intellectual experience.
Cristina Iglesias : METONYMY 2013

fig496 Proximity
10 Days at The Laundry : Winchester UK

Architectural Transposition : Anti-Object
Kengo Kuma's, Transparent and temporary shelter at Waverley Abbey

Possible Worlds
The Sensual Reciprocity of This Enchanted Isle