Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Link Gallery Winchester 2009

Chalk figure,human body with local materials.

Artist Statement, re proposal for “Strong Voices”. Hyde 900 2010

It is my intension to utilise the ambiguous and strangely intimate nature of a continuous line around a human being to act as a site for the viewer to inhabit an engagement with the work. I am interested in utilizing the “open space” the territory within the traced outline as a sort of vessel for the temporary thoughts and reflections of others. This space hopes to set up a condition, a place that allows a dispassionate observer or thinker time to find and form their own thoughts. The use of material residues left from enactments seems to concur a metaphysical presence to that of the inner trace. The use of simple materiality (clay, chalk, rust) invokes a notion of a shared simple relation, to the human form; these sensibilities are reflected in artists like Giuseppe Penone and other Arte Povera artists. The use of light sensitive materials, liquid light and cyanotype brings the representation of worlds into proximity of a human absence. Photographic processes also bring with them a surface of compressed and superimposed time, an event through which time has left behind, like the trace we are left thinking and reflecting a loss that creates equilibrium in the present. To add a presence of temporality and nowness, water vapour has been sprayed onto the chalk creating moisture a breath around absences.

Russell Moreton