Monday, 8 January 2018

ANTHROPOLOGY : Urban Materiality/Movement

Research Outpost Norwich #2

Movement, Art, Philosophy
Erin Manning

Prelude : What moves as a body returns as a movement of thought

Something in the world forces us to think. This something is not an object of recognition, but a fundamental encounter.
Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition

Christoper Tilley, Kate Cameron-Daum

From our perspective in this book representations of landscape, textual or pictorial, are of secondary significance and we should treat them as such; they are selective and partial, and often highly ideological, ways of seeing and knowing.
It forms a material medium in which we dwell and move and think.
Redirecting the study of landscape from representation to the materially grounded messiness of everyday life and the minutiae of material practices that constitute it.
Landscapes are contested, untidy and messy, tensioned, always in the making. Our landscapes of modernity are frequently on the move and peopled by diasporas and migrants of identity, people making homes in new places.

Field Observations
Spatial relations within the landscape are complex.
The manner in which persons and their bodies cannot be understood apart from the landscapes of which they are a part, reciprocally involved in forms of movement, action, awareness and social memory.
Embodied Identities
Art in and from the landscape
Fragile Environments : Nature and Culture

On Ways of Walking and Making Art
A personal reflection
M Collier
Making art is a practical application of phenomenology
Engaging  with an embodied experience of space and depth (what Merleau-Ponty called the 'flesh of the world').

Journeys Around An Exhibition
Landscape and Memory

Essays and Illuminations
Edited by Jon Cook

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