Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Drawing/Sociology : Figuration and Flesh

Drawing/ Being Part of Space and Time : A DISPERSION
Antony Gormley

Drawing is the most immediate way of making your ideas, sensations, and information explicit.
Euan Uglow

What do we look for from the nude today?
Drawing/Man : Oskar Schlemmer

The use of pure line compels the artist to a process of abstraction.
Energy/Tension : The Social Form of Living Flesh

To create a new intellectual image of reality

Line has an autonomous relationship with surface (a rhythmic lineation)
Rhythm is the means by which all kinds of movement are delineated.
It follows that the physiological movement of the body is rhythmically organised.

The figuration of the contemporary body through abstractions and representations.

INTERIOR : Environment, physical and psychological realms.


The Picture Plane
Composition, elements and scale
Relationships- Figure- Ground, becomes psychological state of a figure both becoming and entropic

All pictorial representation is an intellectual and visual organisation.
Flesh follows the physiological movement of the body and is rhythmically organised/balanced.

Performative, Sociological ; Structure and Agency (Klein)(Duality)
Measurement, Reach/Movement/Proportion

Making relationships between the spatial figure and the spatial arrangements of the picture plane. Bringing the spatial figures into the system of axes of the picture space.
Schlemmer's plane and spatial prospects contain architectonic motifs, which are presented orthogonally or in exaggerated perspective.

Anthropomorphic Collage
Morn Hill, chalk grave/leper hospital
Joseph Beuys/Reg Butler

Deleuze, Francis Bacon
Haptic Vision/Colour Space
Light is time, but space is colour.

Carnality/Sensation/Logic/Colour Space